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The « VIP » - « Versailles Saint-Quentin Institutions Publiques » - is a research centre (E.A. n°3643) composed of approximately 80 members.

The Centre mainly hosts the public law scholars, as well as seven political scientists, of Versailles St-Quentin University Law & Political Science School. But it is also composed of doctoral students, scholars from others universities (including foreign ones), and associated members coming from various institutions (tribunals, bar association, local administration…) and taking part to the scientific events and publications supported by the Centre.

The VIP Centre is directed since February 2008 by Emmanuelle Saulnier-Cassia, with the assistance of two deputy directors, Stéphane Manson and Yves Poirmeur.

The VIP Centre is located at the Versailles St-Quentin University Law & Political Science School

Contact :
Piarrine PERRIER
Phone : +33 (0) 139 255 257


The VIP Centre is conceived as a multidisciplinary team. It focuses on public institutions studied from public law, political science, sociology and history of law perspectives.

Recent scientific events and publications :

• The end of law, symposium convened by T. Fleury Graff, N. Wolff, A. Zaradny (December 2013) [click for more information]

• European Union law and case-law against terrorism, under the direction of E. Saulnier-Cassia : research report (25 contributors) for the Public Interest Grouping « Law and Justice », to be published in 2014 (Lextenso Editions) : [click for more information]

• Public Law and Nuclear issues : symposium convened by O. Guézou and S. Manson (may 2013), published by Bruylant Editions [click for more information]

• Professions in law and society, in France and Russia, symposium convened by Ch. Gadéa and I. Popova, UVSQ (December 2012) [click for more information]

• The State as a city planner : from Versailles to the « grand Paris » – symposium convened by the GRIDAUH Research Centre, under the direction of J.P. Lebreton, Versailles, (September 2012), published in the Cahiers du GRIDAUH [click for more information]

• The Mediator case : the ambiguous role played by the medical press, conference under the direction of J.P. Markus and C. Xémard (partnership with the DANTE Research centre, April 2012) [click for more information]

• Communication and journalism : new boundaries, new interdependence ?, symposium convened by N. Kaciaf, UVSQ, (january 2012) [click for more information]

• Inquiries about our responsibility towards future generations, symposium convened by J-P. Markus and Poitiers’ Institute for Public Law (march 2011), published by Dalloz Editions (2011) [click for more information]

• Public law and Disability, symposium convened by O. Guézou and S. Manson, French Sénat, (march 2010), published by Dalloz Editions [click for more information]

• The unity of alien rights’ regime and the principle of equal treatment, symposium convened by E. Saulnier-Cassia and V. Tchen, Versailles School for Lawyers (January 2009), published by Dalloz Editions in 2009 [click for more information]

Doctoral seminars :

Theoretical doctoral seminars held by scholar from the V.I.P. Centre of from other universities are organized every months to the attention of the young researchers of the Centre. Most recent seminars include :

• « Carré de Malberg and constitutional fetichism » ;
• « Bodin’s theory of sovereignty » ;
• « Bentham and the codifying reason » ;
• « Hegel’s theory of recognition ».

In addition, doctoral students are also invited to attend to seminars devoted to the presentation and discussion of their works.

Partnerships :

The VIP Centre is currently involved into two main partnerships :

• Council of Europe : the VIP Centre has concluded in January 2013 a partnership with the “Directorate General Human Rights and Rule of Law” of the Council of Europe. Its goal is to provide the Council of Europe with a monthly analysis of the European Court of Human Rights’ decisions and of the monitoring mechanisms’ activities. Written in English by a team of students from the Versailles St-Quentin University Law School, this document is sent by the Council to more than 80 National Human Rights Structures [click to read the latest issues published] ;

• Versailles Administrative Court of Appeal : concluded in September 2013, this partnership consists in :

o a case-law review of the Court’s decisions, directed by Stéphane Manson, written by doctoral students, and published on a yearly basis by the law review Les Petites Affiches ;

o a cycle of lectures given by magistrates from the Court to students registered in Master Programs ;

o the awarding, every year, of a prize for the best Master’s thesis in administrative law ;

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